Day One: Monday, April 30, 2007

Ready to Leave

I packed up all the gear and headed out this morning. I decided that I’d rather see the Oregon coast this trip since I can arrange a three-day weekend to see Northern California much more easily. Going for distance would allow more time Tuesday and Wednesday to explore Oregon’s 101. I’m spending tonight in a campground in Grants Pass, OR. I know that 376 miles doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you have to stop every 140 miles for gasoline, the stops add up.

Mt. Shasta

The ride: It ranged from the early eighties when I left around 10:30 to the high nineties around Sacramento, and is a balmy 55 down here by the river now. As all of you in California know, I-5 is a seriously dull ride until you reach the Trinity Mountains. Just driving through them reminded me how much I’ve missed camping and hiking. Anyone want to plan a hiking trip up here one weekend in June?

I started the trip with my iPod, but ditched it after the first stop. The rest of the day I spent just enjoying the ride. Although the usual “to-do’s” did cross my mind, I was able to successfully set them aside and focus on just “being.” I’m looking for a sustainable rhythm to this excursion. Heck, after the last 18 months, I’m looking for a sustainable rhythm to life!

Dive Bar

This is the dive bar next to my campsite.

The campsite

Tomorrow I’ll be coving about half the distance, so I hope to have more opportunities to stop, take photos, and ponder this rhythm thing. Stay tuned…

Oh, and many of you are sending me great comments in email. Why not leave them on the blog for others to enjoy? Don’t worry, they’re all moderated. (more or less) 😉

Addendum: At 3 AM this morning it started to rain. I was prepared, so things only got a little damp. It did take a little longer to pack up this morning and find a cafe with internet access.

Day Two Route

The plan today is to take the highway from Hellgate Canyon along the Rogue river to 101 and then up the coast.