Day Eight: Monday, May 7, 2007

Pete decided to hang with me for two more days before going back to work at Microsoft, so we planned our most aggressive drive yet, a whole 326 miles! We’ve discovered that stopping, taking pictures, smoking cigars, and generally enjoying ourselves is not conducive to covering ground — so we pretty much gave up covering a lot of ground.

Dave cooked us breakfast, and we lingered over coffee (since the border crossing we planned to use didn’t open until 9 am), and then the navigator (me) missed the turn off into Canada. On the way back, after a pleasant little half hour side trip, I found the curve, and promptly low-sided at 5 MPH in first gear. Luckily I had a wingman to help upright the bike and we were on our way. There’s a reason boys and girls that you wear the right gear!

See the skid marks...

And the other the skid marks...

The result was that we found ourselves finishing lunch at 1:30 a mere 60 miles from whence we started. We actually had to limit ourselves to only two stops to make Banff by 7:30. The last two hours of our drive were through Kootenay National Park. We saw deer, bald eagles, and bighorn sheep too numerous to keep count, and three moose (“mooses” if you are from the South). They were all so close to the road that I was praying “Lord, I know that I’ve asked to go on a moose hunt, but I really don’t want to kill one with a bike.”

Break One



If you haven’t been up here, this is a beautiful drive. Even in a cage, a hem, I mean a car.

Vista from second break

We topped the evening off at Saltlick with a medium rare filet, and Pete took it upon himself to fulfill a personal request from Peter Madison.