RRFTR (Random Reflections From The Road)

I obviously don’t qualify as a “real man” in the state of Wyoming. I don’t ride a Harley, I don’t smoke cigarettes, I do wear a helmet, and my preferred brands of beer don’t come with twist-off tops!

Watching bison graze for an hour at sunset beats the heck out of rushing home to watch a sit-com.

Lying in a warm sleeping bag and watching the stars rotate in the sky for hours is a very satisfying way to fall asleep.

Life is too short not to have real coffee over a campfire.

Camping in Yellowstone will make you appreciate a zero degree down sleeping bag.

Day Thirteen: Saturday, May 12, 2007

Deer Lodge to Madison Camp, Yellowstone

Today was perfect motorcycle touring weather: sunshine, mid — 70’s, no one else on the road.

Just outside of Butte, MT

Just outside of Yellowstone, the wildlife started showing up:


More critters...

And more bison

Caught this one taking a dust bath:

How to take a dust bath, first find some dust...

...and then roll in it.

And then this one decided to come closer to check me out — I promptly decided to leave.

I think he liked my red jacket

Checked into my campsite about 3:30

Camp Madison

…and promptly spent the next two hours gazing up at this sight from my hammock.

View from a hammock

Today’s route:

Day Thirteen Route

PS: I’m staying in Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park another day. It may be a few days before I post again. Internet access here is rare and expensive.
PPS: So is cell service. Happy Mother’s Day to all! Mom, I’ll call as soon as I find a cell signal.