Yep! It’s that time again…

The wind is a little sharper, the sun is a little lower in the sky, the leaves are turning, and some memories that were locked away seem to be all that much more prevalent and intense. Therefore, it must be time to “get my back out on the highway.” Looks like Pete and I are up for another ride, albeit briefer than the previous one. Pete is flying down from Seattle on the 18th and we’ll leave S.F. on the 19th to do a PCH/Southern California loop over 4 days. Stay tuned. More to follow.

Post Sans Pictures

Well, I’m out of time and haven’t yet solved the issue of posting photos from my iPhone directly to WordPress. One application, iPhoneSlide looked good, but it doesn’t support WP when hosted on a custom url. So, you’ll just have to put up with short text updates until I return.

Also, since Pete has work related issues (the responsible ass is in training on Monday) and I’m off again solo, here is my approximate route. Which of course is subject to change on whim. Looks like roughly 1500 miles of beautiful country to see.

October Ride Map

Breakfast in Santa Cruz

An hour on the road and I suddenly realized that I was operating uncaffinated. And that’s a bad thing. So, a quick stop at Peet’s for a quad shot and a muffin and I should be good till lunch.

Without photos I should just twitter all this, but I suspect that many of you wouldn’t take the time to view both. Perhaps I’ll upload the photo’s tonight.

Hey Pete, wish you were here!

What a Beautiful Day!

PCH is a serisously worthy ride and it is a perfect day for it. Everyone is out at Neptune’s Net showin’ off their bikes and tats. Pics to follow.

Had a great time with Josh and his roommate Sean last night. Dinner was on of the best I’ve had in awhile thanks to a recomendation from Jeff M. He sent us to The Palace Grill just off State St. Best Cajun food I’ve had out side of New Orleans.

The night of course ended early on the morning with cigars, adult beverages, and much laughter. And now it’s off to San Diego.

“A man’s gotta know his limitations.”

And apparently mine start at about 50 MPH crosswinds. Hwy 15 is not a safe place for bikes or big rigs. All the big rigs are pulled over and I saw one turned over. After literaly holding the bike up for over an hour to keep It from blowing over, I drafted a lone, slow moving rig to make it to an exit. I parked on the lee side of a Starbucks and watched two panels blow off the roof. Two hours later there are reportedly two trucks down and on fire. I can see the resulting brush fire from here.

So, with the winds forecasts for well into tomorrow, my Death Valley run may just have to wait for another day.