Lane Sharing | Lane Splitting

As my friend Francisco Dao said: “This does not bode well.”

“The California Department of Motor Vehicles has joined the California Highway Patrol in withdrawing safety guidelines for motorcycle lane-splitting.

The agency confirmed late Tuesday that it had removed its online guidelines, and would also be removing guidelines from its printed literature.

“The DMV will not be including lane splitting language in the next revisions of handbooks in the next revision of 2015,” said DMV Information Officer Jaime Garza, who added that the DMV had dropped the online language as of July 7.”

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Teen convicted in fatal texting crash!

Thank you Judge Stephen Abany!

Aaron Deveau was sentenced to one year in the Essex County House of Corrections for “motor vehicle homicide” and “negligent operation of a motor vehicle causing serious injury while texting.”

I wish I had an efficient way to point this out to all the self-absorbed texters and talkers out there cluttering up the roads. Maybe if we raised the fine to $5k per incident we’d get their attention and raise some money to help with the state deficit.

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Invasion of the Canucks

On my Grand Tour last year I was fortunate to meet three Canadian’s in Moab who were on a grand tour of their own. We had a great couple of days together and have stayed in touch.

Tom Jr. let me know that they were headed down our way for the races at Laguna Seca this weekend so we offered them a place to stay. I was hoping to arrange things so I could be free do ride along to Monterrey, but it was not to be. Tom Bodrovics, Scott Graham, Tom Sr., and Cody Graham (above, left to right), all dropped in last night to catch up, drink a few beers, and take us out to dinner. Knowing these guys it wasn’t their most raucous night, but we did keep the neighbors up well past midnight. We rounded out this morning with a big breakfast and a free yoga class. These guys had been pushing it pretty hard to get here in 3 days and Annie figured it was the least she could  do.


If they come back this way, I might take off with them for a day or two depending on the schedule.

Thanks for dropping by guys. Enjoy the races and the rest of the trip!

New domain and updated blog install

Thanks to David Johnson, I’m back up and running with a new domain and new blog. David kindly synced all the information (posts, pictures, and comments) from the other two. One had been hacked last summer and had become inaccessible. There are still a few posts that I’ll have to update manually and I’ll be about that as I have time to reconstruct them.

When they are ready, I’ll upload them on the original dates.

In the meantime, check out the new site, sign up to receive email notifications if you want to keep up daily with the next ride. Jeff Meehan and I’ll be back out on the highway for Yellowstone on May 28!