Day Twenty-Two, Monday, May 21, 2007

Sedona to Phoenix, AZ

One of the great things about a trip like this is the people you meet. Breaking camp this morning I met Jim MacDevitt and Pat Shoemaker. Jim is a retired social worker and Pat had just taken second place in a billiards tournament in Los Vegas. With two weeks until the next tournament they were taking advantage of the time to see some of the surrounding country. I asked them which direction they were going and loved their answer: “Well, we’re not sure yet.” Enjoy the ride guys — and good luck in the next tournament Pat!

Jim MacDevitt and Pat Shoemaker

The ride to Phoenix was short and I only stopped for a couple of photos.



Arriving in Phoenix I purchased a backpack for the trip home, rented a storage facility for the bike, and caught a cab to the airport. I’ll be back in Phoenix on Thursday morning after the interview. I’m impressed with this company so far and hope that my first impressions bear out. It is a privately held agency (i.e. not owned by a network) and that scores big points with me. I’ll resume the blog when the vacation restarts on Thursday.

Today’s Route:

Day 22 Route