Labor Day Ride 2008

It’s been a long summer with few breaks for riding, so it’s time test out the new wordpress plugin for my phone (the real purpose of this post) and determine a direction in which to point the bike for a Labor Day weekend ride!

So many options…

Breaking News: Puccio Rides Again

This just in: Pete Puccio is joining me for the ride! So at least the initial direction has been established…

Destination Yellowstone

First stop, Twin Falls!

Progress Update

Hot, flat, and still perfectly wonderful:


Making The Turn

Rain caught us yesterday coming out of Yellowstone into Jackson Hole. Skipped camping for a motel, of course. 😉

To give you some idea of how fast the storm moved in, these photos were taken from the same pullout about 10 minutes apart.

Now we are making the turn and heading home.