Day Thirty-two, Saturday, June 2, 2007

Parker, AZ to Bishop, CA

Today was another hot day (100+) along lovely yet desolate roads in Southern California.

Desert 001

Desert 004


Riding in the desert gives one plenty of time to think. Today I thought through all the people I’ve met along the way.

In Yellowstone, I met a guy from Germany who had shipped his BMW motorcycle over and was touring the states – in six months. And I thought my trip was a long one.

At the Grand Canyon I met a gentleman and his wife and asked them how long they were out. His answer? “No idea.” It turns out that they average 50,000 miles a year on their Honda Gold Wing. He was 77 — she didn’t offer her age. Neither of them looked a day over 60.

And the bus driver in Grand Canyon that was telling about his friend that decided to see if he could hike from rim to rim and back in a week. That’s 9000 feet down, 27 miles, and 9000 feet up, back to back. He made it in 6 days — in celebration of his 80th birthday. Inspiring.

Today’s Route:

Day 32 Route