Medford, OR

It’s 6:15 and I’m in Medford, OR. I left around 10:30 this morning to miss some of the traffic created by our little “on-ramp collapse” in the East Bay. I’m going to find some dinner and then head on over to the coast to find a campsite before it gets dark. I’ll write up the day and post it first chance tomorrow. I’ll give you a preview however: This is a blast!

  • TheDonPuccio

    I like the pre-view! I can’t wait to “get my back out on the highway” from a Toby Keith song called Time For Me To Ride.

    Pictures Bill … we want pictures.

    The Don Puccio

    • Bill Sanders

      And here is proof that the Don Puccio named the website – although it was a long time coming…

  • Bill

    Gee Pete. You want me there on time, but you want me to stop and take pictures too. Okay, Day one post has a few. I’ll try and do better today in the rain. 😉