DaFap & Back Again: Day One

A couple of friends of mine from ADVRider, DaFoole and Parepin decided to hold a rally in Southern Oregon and naturally I decided to stretch a three day trip into five.

The plan was to leave around 11 AM this morning, but nothing ever really goes to plan, so I finally completed all my work, set the OOTO messages, loaded the bike, and was out the door around 3PM.

All packed up

All packed up

The initial plan, as far as I had one, was to ride through Yosemite and camp near Mono Lake. Made a wrong turn listening to the Google Maps Lady and added an extra half hour to the trip. But I was reminded of my lunch discussion with JC earlier this week about “enjoying the ride” being much more of a priority than merely “getting there” or “playing it safe.” After all, if safety or getting somewhere in comfort were the purpose, I wouldn’t be on a motorcycle. So I calmly shrugged, changed course, and kept moving. Triple digits did however meant that I was delighted to catch my first glimpse of the Sierras. Relief was nigh!

alt text

First glimpse of the Sierras

Virtually no traffic made it tempting to speed, but I managed to stay within generally acceptable limits. At least acceptable to the two patrol cars I passed along the way. You know you are getting close at the Chinese Camp Store.

Chinese Camp Store

Chinese Camp Store

And, as tempting as it was to stop by the Iron Door, the shadows were getting long and I already knew that all camping in Yosemite was reserved.

A little ribbon of bliss

A little ribbon of bliss

Getting Late

Getting Late

Tempted to stop and cool off

Tempted to stop and cool off

On the way in, you could see the damage from the recent fires.

Fire damage

Fire damage

More fire damage

More fire damage

When I checked in and bought my annual National Park pass at the gate the ranger said there were still some sites available in the first-come, first-served Yosemite Creek Campground. She cautioned me however that the road was “really rough” and I could tell she thought I would be courting trouble to attempt it on my bike. (I didn’t bother to point out that this Connie has an ADV sticker on it for a reason.)

Knowing I would barely make it to camp by dusk and would be unlikely to want to make the trip again in the dark to get dinner, I stopped at Crane Flat and picked up ice and beer. Tonight, my freeze-dried chicken and rice would just half to do.

Almost there

Almost there

Turns out – the Ranger was half right. The first part of the road was fine, and then it turned to washed out gravel and potholed asphalt. I had no trouble, but it would not have been any fun at all in the dark. Of course I was busy watching my line, so no photos.

Four miles later I’m down at the bottom of the hill in the campsite and of course there are no empty sites. Now usually there are at least a few other motorcyclists in camp that are happy to share their site (the ice and beer were part of my strategy of course), but this time – nadda. Lucky me I happen on a friendly couple with a giant campsite who welcomed me, told me to pitch my tent and insisted I eat dinner with them. Juan and Stacy were from Las Vegas. Both work for the trade-show industry and have the same time off every year together. Stacy’s daughter Shea was with them and we had a nice relaxed evening around the fire. They are getting married in October if I remember correctly. Thanks and best of luck to you guys!

DeFap Day One - 193 Miles

DeFap Day One – 193 Miles

It’s refreshing to be reminded that most people, given the chance, are friendly and generous. And it’s much easier to see for me when I am away from the negative news cycle. Not even a half day into this ride and I’m already relaxing and beginning to feel refreshed.

PostScript: I have two new pieces of equipment that I’m testing on this ride and I’ll be writing up a separate report on them at the end. The first is a Cal-Sci tinted shorty windscreen for the bike and the second is the new Arai Pro Shade visor. Stay tuned!

Edit: Review of the Arai Pro Shade

Mormon Emigrant Trail

I hadn’t seen Cheryl Story since her little “get-off” on the way to Mayday Melee earlier this year, so Jeff and I decided a Sunday morning ride would be in order. I slabbed it up 80 to Dixon, got a good visit in with Jeff and Cheryl who is healing up quite well, and then Jeff and I decided to go “up” instead of our usual “over” to the coast. Plus, Jeff couldn’t get off for the upcoming ADVRider rally in OR, so a day-trip seemed necessary.

I’d not ridden the Mormon Emigrant Trail yet and today it seemed the right thing to do.

Shortly after we turned off I-80, I pulled out the camera to document a bit of the ride.

No traffic, not to hot, and perfectly beautiful ride.


We stopped along the way for some action shots and took some without stopping. Jeff’s new Klim jacket (that he won at WARPED X) sure is bright!
















We took a brief break at the Shot Rock Vista.


Then it was down to Pine Grove for a very late lunch.


I regret not getting a photo of the walk-up hamburger shack that we stopped at for lunch – as well as the burger. It was a great little place, excellent food, and now I can’t find them on Yelp. A reminder for next time.

As we came off the mountain it started warming up considerably and Jeff and I decided to make a beeline for home. We split up in Jackson and I watched the temp climb into triple digits and stay there for the rest of the ride.

It was good to get out. Thanks again for lunch Jeff and the ride suggestion! Total Mileage: 282.