New domain and updated blog install

Thanks to David Johnson, I’m back up and running with a new domain and new blog. David kindly synced all the information (posts, pictures, and comments) from the other two. One had been hacked last summer and had become inaccessible. There are still a few posts that I’ll have to update manually and I’ll be about that as I have time to reconstruct them.

When they are ready, I’ll upload them on the original dates.

In the meantime, check out the new site, sign up to receive email notifications if you want to keep up daily with the next ride. Jeff Meehan and I’ll be back out on the highway for Yellowstone on May 28!

  • David Johnson

    Hey Bill,

    Thanks for the opportunity to help out! …And I gotta say, it’s great to see you back out on the interwebs and back out on the highway!

    Keep the shiny side up!

    • Bill Sanders

      Much appreciated David – its a shame you are on the wrong coast!