Day 19: Russellville, AR to Tulsa, OK

Day 19
August 23, 2010
Russellville, AR to Tulsa, OK: 199 Miles

An early start put me into Alma, AR by 9AM to set up shop in a local restaurant in time to complete some deliverables and run a 10 AM meeting. Then all email broke loose and I didn’t get things wrapped until 3 PM. Tulsa was in striking distance, so I called up my college roommate to see if he wanted to grab a beer after work. He did of course (he was, after all, my college roommate) and not only took me to his favorite brewpub in Tulsa, McNellie’s, but put me up in the new guest room as well. Thanks Keith & Shelly-it was great to catch up!

Day 18: Little Rock, AR to Russellville, AR

Day 18
August 22, 2010
Little Rock, AR to Russellville, AR: 77 Miles

Bill & Beth Greene were kind enough to let me use their guest room and Bill and I ventured out to his sailboat for what we affectionately call “Sailboat Church.” A great cigar and two hour conversation later put us pack at his place for lunch.

Four hours later I had caught up on work – thanks Bill for letting me use your office! And I was off to Russellville to visit with Rex & Amberly Knight. When I arrived, Rex was deep-frying catfish. It was delicious, but I have got to get out of this state!

Day 17: Batesville, AR to Little Rock, AR

Day 17
August 21, 2010
Batesville AR, to Little Rock, AR:  95 Miles

Several of my LR friends gathered for a little impromptu catch up at our favorite cigar shop: The Pipe & Tobacco Shop (link). Some I’ve known for almost 20 years. There I said it. But I still don’t believe it. We can’t be that old!

After the shop closed we all went out for drinks. It was great to catch up with everyone.

Day 13 – 16: Batesville, AR

Day 13-16
August 17-20
Batesville, AR

Stayed with my brother Glen and his wife Debbie, hung out with the folks, saw friends, relaxed, worked, and generally ate too much fried food.  Glen completed the trip with one of my birthday dinners: Bacon wrapped venison filets. Can’t beat that!

Day 12: Jefferson City, MO to Batesville, AR

Day 12
August 16, 2010
Jefferson City, MO to Batesville, AR: 251 Miles

I’ve been remiss in practicing my “Billy Bartels school of motojournalism” left hand shooting technique, so I chose to day to shoot from the road. First up, a self portrait at 70MPH:

As with most new skills, 90 percent of the shots were a waste of 1’s and 0’s. But there were a few shots of the countryside:

And once I crossed the border, plenty of curves to enjoy and keep me awake.

Dinner with my brother and his wife concluded phase one of the trip. Now to enjoy family and catch up with friends…