FAIR WARNING: Bill & Pete ride again!

Yes, it’s that time of year again: My 3rd annual motorcycle run with Pete Puccio. This time it’s my privilege to join him on his epic “after the layoff trip.” Pete’s been out on the road since June 20th which means he’ll probably surpass my 35-day trip in 2007 in days and possibly in miles. His trip so far is chronicled here: http://thedonpuccio.blogspot.com/

After work today, I’ll head over to Yosemite and meet Pete at one of the campgrounds. If I’m remembering correctly, Pete hasn’t been to Yosemite, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be blown away. Past a half day in Yosemite on Saturday and a quick side trip to Mono Lake, we are on our usual “we’ll know where we are going when we get there” approach to the ride.

We may head north or we may head south — anywhere we can get to and get me back by Tuesday night. I’d love to stay out longer of course, but duty calls and I can only take two days off.

I won’t be taking the laptop, so the full posts will have to wait until I get back. However, I will post a few cell phone shots from the road, so stay tuned and watch for our updates on the blogs, twitter (@technacea & @TheDonPuccio), and Facebook…see you on the road!