Day Two: Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday morning in Isla Vista — slept in, got an oil change, a haircut and headed down the coast to the biker friendly Neptune‘s Net near Malibu which features among the fried “anything from the sea” menu, several notices that the only reason they don’t have more motorcycle parking is because the local laws limit them to 30 spaces. You just have to love this place. (Hat tip to Julie White for the recommendation.)

Yes, that’s my bike in the background…



My advice after driving Hwy 1 is to turn in to Interstate 5 after you pass Malibu — I just didn’t find much but traffic through the Huntington Beach area.

A Malibu shot…


Having gotten off to a late start and with all the traffic, I didn’t get to San Diego State until after 10PM. Daniel, my best friend’s middle son (and Josh’s younger brother) was up for a late night dinner at Max’s in the Gaslight District. Too much macaroni and cheese will do that to a freshman: “You’re buying steak? Well of course I’m in!”

After enjoying the best steak on the trip and a great chance to catch up, I hit the sack rather early to get a head start on my trip to Death Valley.

Saturday’s Route (Approximate — my best guess on where I finally got tired of the traffic and turned in to I5).