Day Thirty-one, Friday, June 01, 2007

Grand Canyon to Parker, AZ

It was hot today — 106 F and I’m way over budget on my Gatorade purchases. :-)

Although Flagstaff to Kingman is one of the prettiest sections of I-40, it isn’t conducive to stopping for photos. Nor is it the same as Colorado, but the desert has its own beauty. I did pause on Hwy 95 to take this shot:

Hwy 95

Today at 3:30 was my final interview with what soon could be my new team. I believe it went well and expect an offer early next week. I’m eager to start a new opportunity with a group of professionals that understand growing a business and growing a great culture. This group really seems to fit the bill.

And, with a new job on the horizon, it’s time to (slowly) make the turn and start heading the general direction of home…

But it isn’t too soon to start planning the next one: Hey Keith T. it’s been 20 years since we’ve been on a hike — are you up to dusting off your hiking boots and doing the Grand Canyon?

Today’s Route:

Day 31 Route