Day Thirty-five, Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Yosemite to Home

Thirty-five days, eight states, two provinces, six national parks, and 7551 miles later I’m ready to come home. I can tell that the trip did its job because I’m as happy to be coming home as I was to be leaving. I’m very grateful to be able to take advantage of this opportunity. I’m sure it will be weeks or even months before I realize the true impact of the trip.

Thank you to everyone who read the blog, rode with me, let me crash at their homes, and in general supported this! For my first motorcycle tour, it was a smashing success. I’m hooked. Who wants to plan the next one with me?

Overall Trip Route:

Overall Trip Route

  • maggiemac_d

    I gotta tell you Bill I have really enjoyed reading the blog over that last month or so. It sounds like a fabulous trip and now we’ll have to get together and catch up.

    Margaret (from Broderbund)

  • Bill

    Glad you enjoyed it Margaret! It was a blast. Let’s talk next week after I get resettled and plan a catch up time. – B

  • Christopher St. John

    Hey Bill,

    Great pix. I especially liked your close-ups of the squirrel. Congrats on your new gig, too.

    Christopher St. John

  • Bill

    Thanks Christopher,

    Those squirrels were natural posers. Once I get settled in, let’s schedule a lunch. – B

  • Jack

    Hi Bill ,
    My name is Juergen Seidel , I’m a fellow Vulcan (VN1500Fi) rider from Germany . Last month I had the chance to reade your story in “Motorcycle Cruiser”, and I must say that it is a great story from a great ride . Now that I hat the chance to see more pictures I’m just getting jealous . For me it’s the first time to visit a blog , and I hope that my English is good enogh for you to understand . I’m although a passionate rider , but unfortunately don’t get so much time to ride to many long routes .
    Thank’s a lot for the great story and keep on riding , best whishes , Juergen .

    • Bill

      Hi Juergen! My sincere apologies for not responding sooner – your comment was buried under 20 pages of spam comments and I just took the time to go through each one before I deleted them. Imagine my surprise when one of them was yours. Thanks for your kind comments – I enjoyed sharing my trip. You should set a goal to come over and ride part of that route. Just let me know – I’m always up for another tour – perhaps in Germany one day soon. Stay in touch. Cheers!