Day Twenty-six, Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sedona to Christopher Creek

With what feels like the whole world out for the holiday weekend, I kicked around on some back roads for a few hours.

This is Camp Verde from the SE:

Camp Verde

Not being in any hurry, I paid my three dollars to see the Tonto Natural Bridge. It is quite large, but you need to be able to walk away from your transportation and hike down to the bottom to get a real feel for it. If you look closely in the second photo, you can see the people.

Tonto Natural Bridge 01

Tonto Natural Bridge 02

Most of today I’ve simply enjoyed the ride, counted my blessings, and lived in a state of gratefulness. I’ve really been blessed with great friends, amazing opportunities, and a generally good life.




Most campsites were full, so I took immediate advantage of the first campsite that was free. I lazed around in the hammock most of the afternoon finishing a book and napping since we didn’t go to bed until after 3 am.


Today’s Route: