Day One: The Gear

For my fellow gearheads out there. I was pleasantly surprised at the way the 1500 handled fully loaded. I about half expected it to wallow like a drunken hippo in the high mountain passes. It was a little slower to respond than normal, but the balance was still solid and the cross winds were easily navigated. The more miles I put on this bike, the better I like it. As the trip continues, I’ll have more to say, but here is a list of the gear its first impression:

Saddlebags: Although they are wide, the hold a lot and don’t seem to affect the handling at speed.

Tankbag: I like the magnet tank bag — it seems sturdy enough. This model is intended for a sport bike, so it has a few quirks. It is nice to be able to carry all my valuables when I step away from the bike.

Driver backrest: At the end of the first day, I love the support it provides.

AirHawk Seat: This air cell seat, loaned to me by Jeff Meehan, is a real bum saver! Unlike previous daytrips where I needed to get off the bike every hour by the end of the day, today I only had to stop for fuel and bio-breaks.

Highway bars and foot pegs: The way these are set up I, have added about five different positions I can use to stretch out my legs.

Luggage Bag: Less than thrilled with this bag. Plastic D rings seem cheap (I’m afraid I’m going to cinch one of them down the bike and break it.) and it’s a royal pain to access the main compartment. It could also use a bigger sleeping bag roll.

  • TheDonPuccio

    I love the hints about the gear and the fully loaded bike photo since I still have a couple days to get my own gear. Of course I’m only going to be with you for 4 days so I’m sure I don’t need all the gear you have for a 3 month ride … but I think the magnet bag sounds grand.

    I cannot freakin wait … hurry the hell up !!!

    love the pictures … where can i get one of those seats!

    The Don Puccio

  • misha

    I’m psyched that you’re on this adventure! (and I am supremely jealous!)
    Can’t wait to hear all the details along the way.
    Good luck and have fun!